Universal Trap Setter

Designed To Set & Release
  • Bridger Brawn #9 Wolf Trap
  • Minnesota MB 750 Wolf Trap
  • Alaskan #9 Wolf Trap

The C&S MFG Universal Wolf Trap Setter is designed to set and release the three wolf traps listed: The Bridger Brawn #9, the Minnesota MB 750 and the Alaskan #9 wolf trap. The C&S MFG trap setting tool was engineered and built by Cliff Simonsen, a long time trapper, miner, and business owner in the Bitterroot Valley Of Montana. Cliff’s goal in designing the trap setter was to develop a useful tool that was versatile and easy to use. I am sure you will agree he accomplished that goal after you use yours for the first time.

Universal Wolf Trap Setter Price. 19.95 Pair  Order Here

Universal Trap Setter In An MB750 Wolf Trap

Setting MB750 With C&S Sales Universal Trap Setter

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